The Lazy Project Manager and Smart Project Management

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  • Song Name: The Lazy Project Manager and Smart Project Management
  • Artist: Peter Taylor
  • Album: The Art of Productive Laziness
  • Year: 2013

Smart Project Management

I need your help please

I have set up a survey that will contribute to the research for a 2014 book by Peter Taylor (The Lazy Project Manager) to be published by Kogan Page and with the working title of 'Smart Project Management'.

The survey is in 5 parts:

1. Respondent information – to understand who you are at a high level
2. Looking at the multi-generational Project Management workforce of today
3. Exploring the challenges of today’s Project Managers
4. Understanding how and why you ‘chose’ project management as a profession
5. A call for Case studies

Thank you for your time to complete this survey - all data will only be used at a summary level for the book and no personal details will be distributed in any way.